Rising to power

Rising to Power: Days 1-4

Wherein our Protagonists appear

Short Version

Party Arrives in Greenbelt

Oleg and Svetlana request protection from bandits

we lay a cunning trap (A.K.A., we jump them when they come looting)

kill cloaked bow guy & escort, awarded free room and board at outpost

lone survivor questioned and then executed, oleg request return of wedding ring

party rides south for a 1.5, gets lucky as shambling mound doesn’t care about them

find bandit camp with hatchet chick, kinda failed at planning

we fight, we win, we get fat loot, but wedding ring is still missing

with 3 living bandits to question/hang,

find moon radish grove (full of full kobolds) diplomacy ensues and we arrange meeting with chieftain, not mean magic kobold

return to trade post end of forth day.

Long Version

And so Verily, the legendary adventure begins. These six champions to be have set forth into the unknown, and only the oracles may truly say what awaits them. Granted a writ of law, charging them to bring justice to the wicked and to cause trade to flourish, they are eager to see what fortunes await them in these Stolen Lands.

Sallying forth from Rostland in the north, they arrived at Oleg’s trading post, the last bastion of civilization in a land rife with untamed wilderness and fierce cutthroats. Within the walls of the outpost’s once mighty palisade, the band found Oleg and his wife Svetlana, hardy and loyal caretakers of the post, who had suffered most foully at the hands of villainy. But 3 months past, a group of bandits imposed their cruel demands upon the humble couple, demanding there supplies. They were led by a brutal but cunning woods woman, wielding a vicious hatchet in each hand, and a cloaked archer, crude in speech, wearing a stag head medallion. Faced with the promise of arson upon their home, and threats most foul upon the virtue of Svetlana, the noble folk swallowed their pride and gave into the demands, awaiting the day aid would come to vanquish these vagabonds. Mayhaps some higher power watches over them for just one day before the next raid, the six travelers arrived to bring order to the land.

Compelled by the plight of these simple folk, the travelers set about laying a cunning ambush for the pillagers expected to come next dawn. Allowing them to enter fully into the keep before snapping shut the gate, the cowardly bandits found themselves assailed upon all sides, from on high and low, and were cut down in short order. Bravely risking life and limb, Kolnirr Drakenborn, of the order of the dragon, engaged and held at bay fully half the enemy force before succumbing to their blows, falling from his mighty steed, wounded,, but by the grace of the gods, not fatally. In short order the foul outriders of evil were bested and slain, with but one survivor quickly falling under the charms of Sister Phaedral, priestess of Claistria. The honor-less rouge quickly divulges the location and disposition of his former allies. Perhaps expecting a reward for his betrayal, his is sorely disappointed and tries in vain to flee upon realizing that there is no escaping his just fate at the end of a hangman’s noose

Within the Outpost there was much rejoicing, as the caretakers and the new heroes revel in what is surly the first of many victories. In thanks, Oleg and Svetlana open their home to the adventurers, pledging the outpost to serve as base to strike at the evil in the land from. But now was not the time to sit idle, for in time, the raider’s compatriots would soon notice their absence, and would guard themselves lest the same fate befall them. So the travelers bound their wounds, and atop the liberated steeds of their foes, embarked south to end this particular conclave of cutthroats once and for all. Crossing the plains and entering the vast woods, these warriors of virtue evaded forest creatures both strange and mundane, even spying a massive mound of shambling vines and creepers crossing their path. After the passing of a single dawn, these doers of good deeds had found the nest of villainy along the shores of the Thorn River, and made ready to do battle.

Perhaps showing the heady confidence of those so recently graduated from apprenticeships and training, the travelers set about dividing themselves. After marking their foes position, they let loose the battle call and attacked from within the deep brush, without a truly cohesive battle plan. As bolts flew back and forth throughout the glen, the bandits and their harsh mistress advanced upon those who would end their tyranny over the those who could not defend themselves. But in a stoke of luck, the virtue-less harpy that led these men with the hearts of beasts allowed herself to be consumed by her own spite and blood lust. Recklessly charging through a hail of arrows fired by Avshar Xin al-Kavass and Zanian Freeborn, both skilled bowmen, she just reached the targets of her hatred before falling to her wounds. In the pitched battle that followed, it seemed the favor shifted from side to side, as the wounds mounted on both side. For a time both Phaedral and Alezandru Romoz, the Varisian swordsman, held back 4 bandits apiece, giving their allies the time to thin the numbers of this legion of lawlessness. Both were rewarded for the heroism with grievous wounds that would have left them on the cusp of the hereafter, had the battle not finally been carried by their allies.

As is the way with the fiercest of battles, within barely a minute from the flight of the first arrow, the melee had ended, with those cowards choosing to flee being run down like the animals they were. Of the more then a dozen wicked fiends that dwelt there before, only three still lived for a time longer, so that they may give up whatever dark secrets they may hold of the surroundings lands. Searching the clearing, the heroes drank deeply of the rewards of justice, finding a mound of ill-gotten gains, which could now serve a higher cause then fulfilling a wretched killers greed. As they made ready to return to Oleg’s, the knowledgeable Ridstrum Milinari, apprentice abjurer and outdoors man, noted on their map the location of a patch of moon radishes described by Svetlana, ingredients for a stew which she believes will lift everyone’s spirits.

As the subterranean seasoning was just off their course back, it seemed a simple matter to delay an hour and gather these delicious roots for their hosts. But upon their arrival to the oddly shaped glen, the travelers spied a band of kobolds, seemingly recovering from their root inspired gluttony. Having heard of the Sootscale clan kobolds, and their recent change in behavior, the fellowship sought to open a dialog with the diminutive digesters. While at first paranoid and untrusting of strangers, the kobold Nekpik was soon convinced that the travelers did not intend to steal all the radishes for themselves, and with a little leading, granted that their Chieftain might enjoy a tribute of a music box, and allow a peaceful summit. The party also learned of the tribes magic man, a kobold called Tartook, a seemingly angry and vicious shaman of sorts who by all accounts hates “soft pink skins”. Agreeing to meet with the Chieftain at the Oaktop Silver mine “Later”, our protagonists traded for the moon radishes they desired, and continued on to Oleg’s Outpost, to rest and plan their next course of action.



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