Kolnirr Drakenborn


Nation: Lastwall

Class: Cavalier, Order of the Dragon

Age: 36

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 255

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Shaven

Alignment: NG


STR: 20

DEX: 17

CON: 18

INT: 13

WIS: 14

CHA: 16

Projected Path: Straight Cavalier, no plans of diverging. As General of the Kingdoms forces I will be utilizing a lot of teamwork feats to make our goons annoyingly powerful.

Behavior: Kolnirr sees it as his duty to defend his friends from harm and to be a rallying force to push on towards victory. While he respects and follows the laws of other lands, he sees that they sometimes conflict with his ideals or the greater good and that they sometimes must be bent to achieve the goal. He would not outright break a law unless there was absolutely no other way. In all situations he is usually calm, and calculating. Thinking things through before acting.

Appearance: Tall, and muscular, he has a square set face with the stubble of a beard. His head is shaved and has a black tattoo of a kite shield with dragon coiled around it about the size of his hand on the top of his cranium. He also has a ragged scar running from the bottom of his right ear to his chin.


Born to Maldiv and Emille Drakenborn. Maldiv was a Captain in Lastwall before his death to an orc sword, Kolnirr took up his fathers blade at the age of 15 and swore to help defend his homeland, joining the armies of Lastwall. He rose to the rank of Sergeant after his many years of service. Hardy and friendly, Kolnirr is very loyal to his homeland and friends. Seeing less people emigrating to Lastwall, and watching the other soldiers slowly being dwindled down through constant fighting with the orcs and undead, he decided to leave and try to convince people to come to Lastwall, to help defend against the orcs from the Hold of Belkzen, and the undead forces of Tar-Baphon. He rides out upon his warhorse, Coaghn to try and rally this help, and to hunt down an evil forces that had gotten past Lastwall or threaten those who cannot help themselves.

2 years later….

Kolnirr Drakenborn has fallen into his role as the General of the newly founded Kingdom of Wildemoore with fervor. With the kingdom beginning to quickly grow, he finds himself challenged in ever increasingly difficult fights. Bearing scars won from the long, and exhausting fight with the trolls who invaded the lands of Wildemoore. He has had to mourn the loss of his old companion, Coaghn, who fell in the defense of his master against a ravenous shambling mound. Now, astride a new companion, Nightfire, a hippogriff of unusual circumstance and color, he rides into the holdings of Restov and the mysteriously empty Varnhold to investigate the disappearance of its populous.

Kolnirr Drakenborn

Rising to power kolnirr