Ridstrum Milinari

A jerk wizard (possibly with a heart of gold)


1st level Wizard; Abjuration Favored Class Bonus +1 skill

Prohibited Schools: Enchantment/Illusion

Hp 8

Str 11 Dex 15 Con 15 Int 20 Wis 14 Cha 11

Fort 2/ Ref 2/ Will 4

knowledge: Planes +9, Arcana +9, Dungeoneering +9, Nature +9, Religion +9, Local +9,

Spellcraft +9, Survival+7, Linguistics+9

Feats: Point Blank Shot

Combat Casting: +4 to casting defensively

Scribe Scroll

Traits: Focused Mind, +2 to concentration checks (basic magic trait) Poverty Stricken, +1 survival, Class skill

Spells prepared

0- Mage Hand, Detect Magic, Dancing Lights

1- Mage Armor, Expeditious Retreat, Shield, True strike

Spell Book (The Grimoire Malinari)


A jerk wizard (possibly with a heart of gold). Slight delusions of grandeur regarding his own power, along with magic and wizardry in general. Feels that no problem is too small to be fixed by magic and that it is a wizard’s duty to guide the less intelligent to the proper course of action. The one exception to this is his opinion on his favorite hobby, hunting. Hunting pray by skill is the only true way to hunt, a trait he picked up during his apprenticeship to his teacher, Travailius the Broad, a rabid outdoors man, who typically used his students to flush out the game while hunting.

As a young lad, Ridstrum was a orphaned beggar child. While not as fast or personable as the other urchins he ran with, but he did have a quick mind. He knew the layout of the streets like the back of his hand, the best times and places to get scraps, the best bolt holes to hide from larger kids, and how to beg for coppers and write graffiti in 5 languages. But what he was most known for was his “tricks”. In his scavenging he had found a tattered page covered in strange symbols he couldn’t read. Keeping it because he liked the shape of the words, he studied it whenever he had free time and light, even going to the expense of candles on occasion. In time he found that the patterns and shapes stayed in his long after he had stopped looking at the page, and when he tried to read it in his head, he found the words could preform tricks. Changing colors, lifting pebbles, pulling wooden coins from behind his ears. One day while amusing a crowed with his tricks to earn a few coins, the wizard Travailius the Broad was searching the market for unidentified magical trinkets, held by unknowing owners, but when he detected a source of magic he was surprised to find it coming from a small street urchin, prestidigitating in front of a crowd. Seeing the boy’s potential he took Ridstrum as an apprentice, taking him to his country villa, and training him in the arts arcane.

Ridstrum Milinari

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