Alezandru Romoz

Quick-footed swashbuckler


Race: Human Age: 19 AL: CG Class: Fighter 6 / Duelist 1

Deity: Cayden Cailean Homeland: Lake Encarthan

Height: 6’ 0" Hair: Black Eyes: Brown


Ability Name Ability Score Ability Modifier
STR 14 +2
DEX 20 +5
CON 11 +0
INT 16 +3
WIS 11 +0
CHA 15 +2

HP: 61

AC: 20 (10 + 4 armor + 0 shield + 5 DEX + 4 dodge)

SPD: 30

BAB: 7/2

CMB: 9

CMD: 29

FORT: 7 (5 Base + 0 Ability + 2 Magic)

REF: 10 (3 Base + 5 Ability + 2 Magic)

WILL: 4 (2 Base + 0 Ability + 2 Magic)


Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Critical
Rapier, MWK 16/11 1d6+6 18-20/x2
Rapier, cold-iron MWK 15/10 1d6+6 18-20/x2
Rapier, silver MWK 15/10 1d6+5 18-20/x2



Weapon Finesse

Combat Expertise

Weapon focus (Rapier)


Weapon Specialization (Rapier)

Master Craftsman (Weaponcrafting)


Craft Magic Arms and Armor

Projected Feat path

9) Improved Critical – Rapier
11) Agile Maneuvers
13) Improved Disarm
15) Step-up



Begin play with a horse and +1 on Survival checks.

Heirloom Weapon

Begin play with one MWK weapon, gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls using that weapon

ThornRazor: stylized rose vine grows up the length of the blade, with the bloom at the
crosspiece, the base of the “forte.” With the roots thus growing from your enemy’s
blood. This blade was given to his great-grandfather as wedding present and has been used
to defend his family for three generations.


Skill Name Total Bonus Ability Mod. Ranks Misc. Mod.
Acrobatics 19 +5 6 +8
Bluff 8 +2 3 +3
Climb 6 +2 1 +3
Craft (Weapons) 17 +3 7 +7
Escape Artist 9 +5 1 +3
Handle Animal 6 +2 1 +3
Knowledge (Engineering) 8 +3 2 +3
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 8 +3 1 +3
Knowledge (Nobility) 5 +3 2
Perform (Dance) 7 +2 2 +3
Ride 10 +5 2 +3
Survival 5 +0 1 +4

Alezandru Romoz, current Baron of Wildemoore, was born to a traveling Varisian caravan along the shores of Lake Encarthan. Several Harrow deck readings during his early years by his grandmother led his family, and eventually himself, to believe that he had an important destiny awaiting him.

His father, Ahandro Romoz, died in his sixth year not long after the birth of his youngest sister, Deirde, a victim of some wasting disease that was beyond the skills of the local healers. After his death Ahandro’s father, Grigori, stepped in to help take care of Alezandru and his brothers and sisters. Grigori was a skilled weaponsmith, capable of turning out magical weapons with skill alone, and Alezandru often helped him while he was at work, running errands and fetching things for the elder smith. As Alezandru grew older, Grigori began teaching him the basics of his craft along with basic fighting skills. Grigori had once been a skilled fencer and dancer, and yet retained some his former skill.

As the family’s wandering eventually took them to many corners of Varisia, Brevoy, and other countries, his elder brothers and sister eventually married and had children of their own. And eventually his beloved grandfather passed in his sleep, following his beloved wife Ezmerelda who had passed a year before. With a new generatin of children on the way, and promising prospects of marriage for Dierdre already secured, Alezandru thought it was finally time to leave his family. And shortly after his 17th birthday, with his grandfather’s cherished rapier and one of the few horses the family could do without, he left for Brevoy.

He spent some time in Rostland enjoying the local scenery, and the effect his handsome looks had on the local women, before he start to run low on funds. When the call went out for fighters and explorers to chart and pacify the Greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands, he quickly decided to join the effort. It was there he met the other members of the party that would become rulers of that region, unbeknown to them all.

Ridstrum Milinari, a brilliant if somewhat caustic wizard.

Kolnirr Drakeborn, a grizzled veteran of Lastwall.

Phaedral – A quick-tongued half-elf Calistrian priestess.

Avshar Xin al-Kavass – A highly skilled archer, who has after much adventuring decided to retire to a quieter life.

Zanian Freeborn – A half-elf archer with skills both martial and arcane.

Not long after meeting, the group was tasked with charting the Greenbelt region. Upon arriving at Oleg’s Outpost the banditry the area was rife with became apparent almost immediately.

Now that the regions bandits have been quelled, the party began setting up a simple village that has since grown quickly and, with the exception of one treacherous bard and a remarkably dangerous owlbear, steadily. If asked the baron can recount remarkable adventures of his time after dying at the claws of the abominably huge owlbear, whether these are mere delusions spawned by the travails of being raised from the dead or true is impossible to determine.

Time will tell what other challenges and rewards awaits the rulers of the Barony of Wildemoore.

Alezandru Romoz

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