Kale Lightheart

"I fight for what I feel is right. If you don't like it, then go preach to someone else."-Kale Lightheart


Base Stats:

STR: 18
DEX: 15
WIS: 14
CHA: 14

Child of the street
Armor Expert


Kale was born in Bellis, Andoran to Rikon and Lillian Lightheart. When Kale was a few years old, her parents caught a rare disease that left the couple dead within a few months. At just four years old, Kale was on her own. She quickly adapted to slipping food from market stalls, after joining a group of other street urchins. For many years, she managed to easily disappear into crowds without being caught. That was until, at ten years old, she met Paruu th’Zarath, a local hero who ran a training academy out in a small village.

On a dare, Kale managed to take the hero’s money pouch, when Paruu noticed his lack of coins. He managed to chase Kale to the densest part of town, where he caught her. Instead of demanding her hand in restitution, he took her in as an assistant. After eight years of serving underneath Paruu, Kale was allowed to go out and experience the world. She had several adventures before a battle with an owlbear left her dazed with a bout of amnesia. After not remembering much about her past, she heading North to the green belt with a group of Pilgrim’s, unsure of what her future holds.

Kale Lightheart

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