Netpik the kobold



Netpik was a common kobold of the Sootscale tribe, found by the party resting off his gluttony in the moon radish patch. Upon gaining his trust, he agreed to arrange a meeting with his chieftain, so the party could try and end the recent kobold hostilities peacefully. Later, after meeting the party at his fishing spot, he led them to his tribes cave, where he endeared himself to us with his simple ways and his hatred of mites. Not understanding the Shaman Tartook’s true nature, the party left to end the bloody Kobold/Mite war, and in their absence, Netpik was murdered as a “sacrifice” by the deranged shaman of the tribe. The party’s vengeance upon Tartook was swift and final. He is survived by his brother, the Kobold POW Tiktik

RIP, Netpik

Time of death: Day 7-8 of Campaign

Netpik the kobold

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