Zanian Freeborn

Half Elf Fighter 1


HALF-ELF FIGHTER (Going Arcane Archer) Alignment: NG Deity: Erastil


STR: 15 DEX: 19 CON: 13 INT: 14 WIS: 14 CHA: 16

HP: 12 AC: 17 SPD: 30 BAB: +1 CMB: +3 CMD: 17

FORT: +4 REF: +4 WILL: +2


LONGBOW: +6 1d8×3

SHORTBOW: +5 1d6×3

LONGSWORD: +3 1d8+2 19/20


Weapon Focus (Longbow)

Point Blank Shot

Skill Focus (Perception)



Magical Knack


Acrobatics: +5

Climb: +6

Survival: +6

Perception: +11


Born the son of Zordlon Dinacu, an Elven justicar, who operated during the Peoples Revolt in Andoran for the then fledgling democracy, and Aimenia, an Andoren born Sorceress, and raised in Southern Brevoy, whose strong sense of values coincided with the morals of his freedom fighter parents; Zanian Freeborn was raised with both a strong sense of justice and a love of freedom. As one of the first born Half-Elves of purely Andorani decent, Zanian did not experience the same discrimination most of his Half-Elven kin faced elsewhere. At the young age of 10 his father and mother began bequeathing their individual skills to the boy, with the father teaching the boy the arts Martial, and the mother passing on her knowledge of the arcane, though Zanian always seemed to take to magic slightly more quickly than the sword.

Unfortunately for Zanian, the relative happiness enjoyed throughout his childhood was not to last. Soon after his 34 birthday, Zanian’ mother was taken by illness. Zanian’s father, who had always been a rather stoic man, left the homestead soon after, leaving nothing more than a note asking that Zanian take care of the land left to him. Now the call has sounded, asking for brave individuals to step-forward and help Brevoy expand their influence, and Zanian feels he must answer in order to follow his parents footsteps as warriors and patriots. Bidding farwell to his humble home, he steels his soul for the trials which he will surely face in this endeavor.



178 lbs.

Burnished brown hair

Emerald Eyes

Clean shaven, almost as though he doesn’t grow facial hair

Sinewy build, if not for his obvious physicality could be seen as lanky

Attractive face, though not overpoweringly so.

Zanian Freeborn

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