Rulership Positions

Rulership Positions

There are several rulership positions available, each one allows you to add your relevant ability modifier to one (or more) of the kingdoms Economy, Stability, or Loyalty checks.

I’d like us to try and work out ahead of time what leadership positions we would each like to occupy. So put your name next to the one you want to be. That way, if there’s any disputes we can get them outta the way early.

Ruler – Charisma (Looks like this will be my position-Nick)

Councilor – Wisdom or Charisma

General – Strength or Charisma (I think this would be the position of Kolnirr. – Zach)

Grand Diplomat – Intelligence or Charisma (I don’t know if I’m qualified for this one – James M)

High Priest – Wisdom or Charisma

Lord High Thaumaturge (formerly Magister) will be filled by Brett’s awesome jerk wizard – Int

Marshal – Dexterity or Wisdom (I claim this position for GRAET JUSTICE) -Mitch

Chancellor of Internal Defense (formerly Royal Assassin) – Strength or Dexterity (James H:this is my first choice, also cool with councilor) (Mitch: I’d do better job at this than James, no offence ya evil bastard. Barring this position, I’d go Marshal or Spymaster, since we need those.)

Spymaster – Dexterity or Intelligence

Treasurer – Intelligence or Wisdom

Warden – Strength or Constitution


So Mitch, why do you think you’d do a better job as Royal Assassin than James H would? You both have a 19 DEX.

(James H: LOL none taken Mitch ;) but I still think I’d do better as assassin as I’m a monk, got the sneakiness and intimidation, not that I think we’ll be doing a whole lot of specific action related to our roles but ya know, its the principle; also in another issue, I wonder if we’re actually suppose to do the conversations in the questions area???)

-Ill allow it! It amuses me muahhahahaha -Rick

I say at a time of Ricks choosing, thier characters have hypothetical fight to the death, with winner getting the job they want, rest of the party can place bets. -Brett

-I fully support Brett’s suggestion. -Nick

I’m game :) -James H

-I’m not really so intent on Assassin that I feel it necessary to fight for it. I’ll succeed the position to James if he is so intent.

Rulership Positions

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