Rising to power

Rise to Power: Days 13-20

The Forest Temple Restored

Short Version

Day 13-20;

-Party restocks at Oleg’s.

-Party sets out to explore huge tracks of forest.

-Branches and bee hives dropped on us….foul play suspected, but too busy running from BEES!

-Fey high jinx in the night, valued items switched around.

-Some party members called for blood, but fear of fey reprisal keeps us down.

-Sighting of “blue tailed big butterfly” thing, man crushed by log trap, possibly his own trap.

-Liquor and shiny things gifted to Fey, talks are opened.

-Details of surrounding forest gained, set course for hot springs.

-Reach Hot springs, Pool party ensues….and then the naked frog battle ensues.

-Find lost temple of Erastil, and face not one, but two Big Bears!

-Temple cleaned up, warm fuzzy feeling had by all. bears die into old guys, and then dust.

-Return to Oleg to give Jhad the priest the good news, and resupply.



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