Rising to power

Rise to Power; Days 20-45

Of Bridges and Berries

Short Version

Days 20-45

-party decides to explore the planes surrounding the forest.

-Wolves come for us in the night, color sprayed to death.

-Warg comes for us the next night, color sprayed to death.

-Old cairn found, and after magic show up in it, looted for shiny swimming ring.

-Supplies run low due to some members poor planning, and a slow return to Oleg’s is made.

-Party sets off to explore river in hills.

-Trap door spider yoinks archer, much burning ensues(perhaps too much).

-Party finds ye olde bridge across thorn river.

-As some fail at engineering to judge it, Caviler rides across.

-It snaps like a poorly made bridge, sending both to the river below

-Horse can swim….rider can not.

-Monk jumps into save him with rope… finds he isn’t that great at swimming.

-Both are finally pulled from river, and horse goes ashore on far side.

-Found a river crossing, and rider and horse are reunited in a heartwarming scene.

-Fang berry patch found, but the thorns look sharp, so magic is used to pick them.

-Duelist becomes impatient and begins to pick by hand…Thousands of spiders ensue.

-Party finds itself woefully unprepared to face swarms, victory barely seized.

-Berries pick the slow way, and boar track found in the area.

-Berries (cleaned) delivered to senile potion guy, orders placed.

-Party returns to Oleg’s to resupply, and look for a truffle tracking pig for boar hunting



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