Rising to power

Rise to Power; Days 45-65

Tuskgutters End

Short Version

Days 45-65

-Truffle tracking pigs are not in stock, but the hunt continues.

-Found Tuskgutter’s lair, and tracked him down.

-Boar is a clever bugger, out flanks us with a deer, but gets overwhelmed by party.

-Party feasts upon the mighty boar, and toast the hunt with fine liquors.

-Return to Oleg’s, resupply, and finish exploring plains.

-Attacked by Cat/Dog thing, bites and claws us very badly.

-Monk and duelist try to explore trapped forest, but fight megapede instead…they call it a day.

-Party sets out to spy on bandit fort, and see a group leave.

-Party initiates plan “Jump them”, but they see us due to their keen eyes…

-It didn’t help them, and all but one was shot down.

-The survivor trades his life for information, and is allowed to turn over a new leaf.

-The party begins to form a (possibly) cunning plan…



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