Enemies of particular noteworthiness or dread.


Dirty, dirty bards with their lies and their accusations.

Mystery Monster of the Super High AC

All that’s known of this monster is that it has an AC of 48 and James Jacobs, the Creative Director for Pathfinder, has thus apologized for it. Supposedly, the treasure is worth it.


The stolen lands are known to be rife with bandit activity, they will be dealt with. So far the party has all but destroyed one bandit camp, with only one near dead bandit having fled justice. They seem to pay homage to a mysterious leader known as the Staglord.

The Staglord has been defeated and his stronghold claimed to start the capitol city of Wildemoore. The regions bandits are not eradicated, but greatly weakened by the newly organized regions and regular patrols of the kingdom’s Wardens.


The local trolls of the region have been quelled before they became a truly disastrous concern. Though they were by no means easily defeated.


The forested lands of the greenbelt seem fair to bursting with fey. The party has encountered puckish grigs and faerie dragons, as well as foul hostile mites.


Someone, or something, has been interfering with the native creatures of the region. The only evidence is the bodies of creatures that have been killed by some death effect. No other evidence has been found.


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