Notable landmarks of the Stolen Lands.


-Oleg’s trading post: Home and business of Oleg and wife Svetlana. The sole bastion of civilization in the nearby lands and the parties current base of operations.

-The Mite’s Tree: 100 ft tall sycamore tree, with a network of caves beneath. It seems it’s sap has special properties.

-Nettles Crossing: The ruins of a burned out bridge, seemingly set up for a ferry. Oh yeah, its also haunted.

-Moon radish patch: location of moon radishes, an ingredient in Svetlana’s excellent stew. Also a favorite treat to the Sootscale kobolds.

-Oaktop Silver Mine: An abandoned Silver mine now populated by the Sootscale tribe of kobolds.

-Hot Springs: A sulfurous hot spring with incredibly relaxing waters. Sadly it is also a location favored by voracious giant frogs.

-Gold Vein: A lucky moment leads to the discovery of a vein of gold running through the hills, workers will be assigned to mine the gold in the future.


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